Friday, May 8, 2009

Lesson #1: kids adapt quickly

I spent a lot of my pre-trip time worrying about how my girls would adjust to relocating to Africa for 6 weeks. My first trip to Morocco cost me a month of culture shock, and I didn't know what to expect from my little girls. We prepped them both as much as we could by looking at pictures of Moroccan relatives and trying to cram in as much Arabic as their brains could handle.

Amira was delighted by Morocco the moment we stepped of the plane. She literally laughed with joy as we boarded the train fr om Casablanca to Marrakech (after 24 hours of plane travel, I was not equally exuberant). I wrote in my journal on the first day:

It has been such a joy to watch this trip through Amira's eyes. She loves everything about Morocco and told me she never wants to go back to Hawaii. She was thrilled with our train ride and tonight as we wandered through Jamal F'na Amira made her way into a group of musicians and danced her heart out for a group of onlookers. She loves her family here. She loves the food and loves how people here 'look like me.' She feels at home here in the same way I do, perhaps she has more of a claim to it since Morocco is in her blood the way it will never be in mine.

Here is a video of Amira dancing to Berber music, our second day in Morocco:


  1. Oh wow. beautiful words. beautiful video. I teared up at this description; what joy!

  2. Oh my goodness that sure made my night!! I LOVE seeing little girls dance and the fact that she was dancing to live music in Morocco makes it so much more magical. What precious times!!

  3. I just really really miss you, and am thrilled at this blog. It's such a wonderful chance to FINALLY see Morocco how you see it-- you always have been better at sharing your experiences and thoughts through written words than in a phone conversation. That video is beautiful.

  4. I LOVE seeing the world through Sam's eyes, whether it is looking at the moon or a pill bug on the ground. He is facinated by everything. Traveling with your little ones I'm sure was exhausting until you arrived. The dancing video was great. She can really move!