Friday, May 8, 2009

A Disclaimer

I am a lazy picture-taker. I try to pull-out the camera on the girls' birthdays and I intend to snap photos at Mohamed's upcoming graduation, but I dislike posing for and taking pictures as a general rule. My picture-taking aversion increases while I'm in Morocco.

The reason is this-I don't feel like a tourist, anymore. It might seem silly for me to claim Morocco as my second home, I've only spent close to 6 total months there, but it doesn't feel silly. Moments with my Moroccan family are beautiful enough to border on sacred. I'd no sooner take a picture of Norah kissing her grandfather good morning, than I would of Mohamed saying his evening prayers. I guess I just feel the need to explain why I only have words, and not pictures, for some of the more poigniant moments of my visit. That said, I certainly have plenty of pictures and stories to keep this blog going for a while.

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  1. I think this a beautiful and sensible explanation. I sometimes think that taking photos sort of separates us from living the experience; we become a documentarian/director rather than the subject/actor. I'd rather read your beautiful words, anyway!

    this is Kristen, by the way... kgbubble is my blogger name... for my blog.